“For me #WOW is all about inspiring, celebrating and connecting women in business. There are so many great businesses launching every day and whilst it’s an extremely exciting time, it can also be filled with uncertainty. My vision is that #WOW offers a place for women to network and celebrate each other’s successes, whilst gaining support and advice to grow their businesses. Every week I am so proud of all the incredible women that enter and am thrilled to see so many proving how alive the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit is, especially for women.”

Founded by Jacqueline, #WOW Championing Working Women is an organisation that represents the interests of women in the UK who work. Initially set up to recognise the achievements of, and support, women starting their own businesses through the #WOW Instagram & Twitter competition, the growth and needs of the network has led Jacqueline to develop the #WOW offering. With a clear objective to use #WOW to give a voice to women who work, empower these women and to celebrate their successes, Jacqueline’s vision is that together women across the UK can truly influence and achieve change that allows all women who want to, the opportunity to work.

Jacqueline utilises her contacts from across the world of business and politics as well as her extensive network of #WOW women to drive change in the workplace that ensures the huge pool of female talent that’s out there is used to its full potential.

From the class room to the board room, Jacqueline focuses on what really impacts working women. For Jacqueline, this isn’t just talking about change, it’s creating change, and a change that benefits not only this generation of working women but future generations too.

By creating an organisation that celebrates women’s successes and gives a platform to the issues that really matter, Jacqueline believes that #WOW will be able contribute to the UK finally achieving female equality in the work place.

The top overall three winners from each year are announced at the beginning of each new year and are rewarded with a celebratory lunch where they meet Jacqueline and can ask her questions on their businesses. They are also invited to a mentoring day at Ann Summers’ head office, tailored to their individual needs, where they will receive tips and advice from Jacqueline and her incredible team on everything from finance to design, social media marketing to retail advice.


“Winning WOW was one of those rare and wonderful treats that come from choosing to run your own business. I was so excited at the prospect of meeting Jacqueline and the other winners over afternoon tea and was not disappointed! Even during lockdown, it was fantastic to spend time with Jacqueline over an online call, meet the winners and also receive some great advice from business experts. With cake, a cocktail in hand and my new ‘boss lady’ badge, it left me feeling inspired and with fresh energy to keep building towards my dream. Thank you!”

Alice Ojeda, Founder of Authentic House

“I was absolutely honoured to be named as one of Jacqueline Gold’s top 3 2018 #WOW winners. It was such a boost to know that Jacqueline had recognised what I was trying to do with Isabella and Us and where it could go. Jacqueline encouraged me to continue to share my story of my battle with PND and how I have worked hard to create something positive from it, which I have been continuing to do.”
Emma Cottam, Founder of Isabella and Us

“We were over the moon to discover we’d won the #WOW competition, especially at a time when we needed some direction and guidance for the business. Being so inspirational, Jacqueline’s perspective really helped us reflect on decisions we’d made so far and address our own personal barriers. Her whole team have been incredibly supportive and we’re really grateful for all the advice we’ve received and the opportunity we were given.”

Laura Stockton and Amy Pandazis, Founders of Don’t Let Her Down

To find out more about the #WOW Instagram & Twitter competition and how to get involved, click here.